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Thank you for visiting our Pathways Chiropractic of Savage website
conveniently located at 14247 O'Connell CT Suite #275 in Savage, MN 55378.
We are excited to be in the community and look forward to helping as many
individuals and families as our walls can hold. Our staff is committed to
doing 'whatever it takes' to get our patients the results they are looking
for. We offer exceptional chiropractic care, nutrition, exercise advice,
physical therapy modalities and one of the best weight loss systems
available through Ideal Protein. We have new-born babies to patients who are
82 years young. 

Our goal is simple . get results. 

Dr. Barnett feels that too many people fall into the trap of not knowing
where to go for care, or are not educated on the different types of care
available. Many people want a medication to take away the symptoms they are
suffering from because truly they know no other way. He is more interested
in taking away the cause of the symptom, not masking it with a pill or
potion. He's not anti-medicine but he does understand that by correcting
problems within the spinal column or the joints of the extremities that the
human body can heal and repair many of the issues people suffer from.
Symptoms are warning signals that we are fortunate to have. The longer we
ignore, inhibit or mask those warning signs the worse the problem will
become. "Be proactive not reactive" is a remark you may commonly hear from
Dr. Barnett. 

Dr. Barnett has been a chiropractor for nearly 10 years. From an early age
he had in the back of his mind that being a chiropractor would be a really
cool career. However, it took the graduation of one of his childhood friend,
Dr. Jason Cupp to trigger his desire to follow that dream. At age 28, with 3
kids under the age of 4, a full-time job and a deer in the headlights look,
he started the journey. Upon completing his undergraduate studies at Iowa
Lakes Community College he attended Northwestern Health Sciences University
where he earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. 

Family is at the core of his values. Dr. Barnett and his wife, Theresa,
together have 5 children: Tyeson (18), Brooklyn (16), Jaydn (16), Sydney
(13) and Billy (10). They also have a chocolate Labrador retriever named
Boji who is 4. Dr. Barnett is an avid hunter and loves the outdoors. He
enjoys the peacefulness and the beauty of nature as he sits in a tree
watching all the wildlife. One of his favorite things to do is to take Boji
pheasant hunting and watch his dog work the field. 

Dr. Barnett is a kid at heart and is very involved in sports. He has coached
all of his kids in every sport they've played and finds great enjoyment in
teaching them 'the game'. Football is his passion but he also plays
baseball, softball, volleyball and golf. He's been active in the Eagan
coaching community as well as with P.L.A.Y. sports. All 5 of the kids are
very active in sports, dance or cheerleading. Although it keeps the family
always moving.there is no greater enjoyment than mom and dad getting to
watch the kids play and perform.